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Tax Planning


Personal and business tax planning

High worth, low tax solutions

Everyone with income or wealth has to pay tax, its one of lifes few certainties. But how much tax you pay depends on how well you organise your business and personal finances. At Philip Barnes & Co. we have an encyclopaedic knowledge and detailed understanding of how tax works, and we help you to minimise the tax that you pay.

Having been established in Tamworth for over 50 years, we have acted for many successful business owners who are now also high worth individuals. We help them to manage and plan their personal and corporate tax affairs so that they never pay more tax than they have to, whilst remaining fully compliant with the letter and the spirit of the law. If you are a high worth individual – or planning to become one, let’s talk. We offer a complete tax planning service that will protect your income and assets and will ensure that you can provide for your family into the future. For a free no obligation meeting to discuss how we can help you to pay less tax, contact us today.

Dont pay more tax than you have to. We help you to:

  • Minimise your income tax when you have several different sources of income
  • Sort out inheritance tax planning before its too late.Call us TODAY!
  • Discover tax efficient ways to run your company and reduce corporation tax
  • Plan for capital gains tax and claim the relief you are entitled to

We have specialist skills and a long track record in taxation planning. With our ready expertise in every area of tax planning, you will not only minimise the tax you pay but you will also have instant access to our tax experts to answer your questions and advise you about the specific tax issues you encounter because the other certainty about tax is that it is never straightforward.

The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax

Albert Einstein

For a free no obligation meeting to discuss how we can help you to pay less tax, contact us today.