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Finance Director Service


Need a finance director in the boardroom?

But not on the payroll?

Do you find that you need a financial expert around the board table but you dont quite have the company weight to justify it? Do you need a sounding board when youve got an idea for growth? Are you keen to get an objective appraisal of your company’s strategic direction and financial fitness?

We provide an ad hoc or retained finance director service for a fraction of the cost of a full time finance director. We prepare the finance board report, analyse opportunities and threats, provide instant support at the end of a phone line and step into the role of trusted advisor and business confidante, with a sharp eye on the finances of your business.

Our finance director services combine the expertise of qualified chartered accountants with company Finance Director experience, so you can depend upon our grasp of the numbers and our real-world advice and guidance.

If this is the service your business is now ready for contact us today for a free consultation.